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Creating your CV

An up-to-date CV is the first step in most job hunts and often just a few tweaks will help to make your CV stand out to potential employers. The standard format is to use reverse chronological order, so basically list your most recent work experience and work backwards from there. If you are a student or just starting out in employment, you might highlight your skills and education first, to focus on what would be the most applicable skills for the job on offer.

Top Tip!

Since most CVs are submitted digitally, make sure to name your file in a memorable way, such as "CV-FirstName-LastName". This makes it easier for an employer or recruiter to find your file out of dozens or even hundreds that they might receive.

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Sharing your disability

When applying for a job with a disability, many wonder if they should be sharing this information on their CV or cover letter, however this is not a requirement. Choosing when to disclose your disability is a personal choice, some may wish to share it in a follow up email or conversation once they have been offered an interview, especially if they require any sort of accommodation for the interview itself. Read more about disclosing your disability.

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